Frequently Asked Questions

Update 21-22: Parent Pickup Procedure

Due to the bus driver shortage it's possible your child's afternoon bus route and number may be adjusted. In the event we need parents/guardians to pick up their child at dismissal, we will notify them as soon as we receive word from our bus partners. In that circumstance, parents/guardians should follow these steps:
  • If you are unable to pick up your child and have arranged for another family member or friend to do so, please contact the main office and identify this individual for us so that we can account for their release. Any persons picking up must show a photo ID.
  • Please report to the school’s main office to sign out your child rather than make plans to meet your child outside of the school.
  • Students will be gathered in a classroom or gym space with adult supervision. All students will be supervised until each child is picked up. 

What's the process for requesting a different pickup or drop-off location for my child?

The Transportation to Childcare Form must be completed at least 5 days prior to the effective date of the change.  The form is available in an online submission version, printable version or you may stop into our District Office at 321 List Avenue to pick up the form.  If you are using the printable version, please refer to the information on the form on where to submit the application.

Will the bus leave my stop without my child if he/she is not waiting at the stop?

Yes!  The student must be waiting at his/her stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives regardless of weather conditions.  For the safety of your child do not chase the bus after it has left the stop.  The child would be in the danger zone of the bus and not visible to the driver.

My son/daughter was just going out our front door this morning and the bus driver did not wait.  Why?

Due to schedules and traffic, our drivers are trained in accordance with the operational policy to “make the bus stop, open the door, close the door and proceed.”  For safety and timing issues, we require students to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.  We do not have the latitude to wait for students to get out of a car, come out of the house, walk from the next yard, etc.

Why do some children have to cross the road to board the school bus?

We are not able to route buses so that all children can board the bus on the door side.  We ask that children wait on the side of the street they reside.  The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students that need to cross the street safely to board the bus.

I have young children at home and/or I leave home because of work so can the bus stop at my house?

In order to be consistent and fair to all parents in the placement of bus stops, the school district is not able to select bus stops based on personal circumstances such as employment, daycare, siblings or medical circumstances of another family member.

What about the safety of my child getting to and from the bus stop? There are no sidewalks where we live.

Availability of sidewalks is not part of the criteria used in establishing bus stops.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to see that the child gets safely to and from the bus stop.

Can a school district suspend bus service for my child?

Yes.  Behaviors which could jeopardize the safe operation of the bus and its passengers could result in the suspension of the offender from riding the bus.

Is my student required to wear his/her seat belt while riding the bus?

No.  Wearing seat belts on the bus is encouraged, not enforced.  Modern school buses are designed to be safe and are built large and heavy allowing students to sit high off the ground.  School bus seats have high backs with ample cushioning that absorb most of the impact in the event of an accident, protecting the children who sit in them. 

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