How to get our kids to eat more veggies

Read tips on how to get our children to eat more veggies!
Posted on 01/23/2020

Pictures of vegetables
If your goal was to eat healthier in 2020 one action step should be to include more vegetables. Experts say to “eat a rainbow.” When making lifestyle changes you need to have a plan. Here are tricks to incorporate more vegetables: 

  • All aboard! Everyone knows getting children involved in the meal prep process is supposed to help them develop a more positive attitude toward the meal. Expose them to recipes in books or Pinterest or cooking websites. This gives them the power to choose. A healthy recipe may encourage them to try new things.

  • Be veggie-ready: Have vegetables ready to go! When they get home from school, have carrots and cumbers ready. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, right? So try fat-free dip with Greek yogurt, ranch dressing or hummus. This is one of the best snacks and helps hold off hunger until dinner.

  • Butter it up! Everything tastes better with butter! You can start off a little heavy handed and as time progresses ease off a little at a time (shh … no one will notice). This trick helps get a few pieces off the plate and into their mouths.

  • Roast 'em: Don’t like steamed broccoli? Try a different method. Roasting vegetables is a great change and really brings out the taste. Make life easier; roast a few different varieties of vegetables at one time. Try serving them more than one way and let everyone choose.

  • Veggie camouflage:One option is to be sneaky. Vegetable camouflage is my favorite way! Make muffins and add zucchini and carrots. Mince some veggies and throw them into an omelet; peppers and onions are a nice option. Add pumpkin and spices to your pancake mix. If you’re having pasta, mix some veggies in the sauce or replace traditional pasta with some of the vegetable-based ones now on the market. The frozen section has vegetables disguised as tater tots and pasta. Google comes in very handy for “sneaky” recipes!

Find what works for your family and include lots of vegetables into your nutrition! 

This article was submitted by Maria McCulloch, a nurse at our Brookview and Listwood elementary schools.