Hear our students roar at Rogers Spirit Assembly!

Seniors tell 4-6 graders to value their time at Rogers Middle School
Posted on 10/22/2018

Ever wonder what 450-plus screaming in unison sounds like? If you attended the the Rogers Spirit Assembly you would! The annual event was held on Friday.

There are always a few special moments during it. A handful of our seniors come back to Rogers Middle School, where they attended, and tell the youngsters why they still value those days and how they should make the most of them. This year's theme was, "Amazing Things Happen Here." Classes collaborated and made posters that featured that sentiment. Those were showed during the presentation, which was set up by fourth-grade teacher Alyssa Arcarisi and Kathryn Jensen, school psychologist at Rogers.

But the moments that bring the house down are during the Rogers' song, written by music teacher Anna Conti. She plays the piano and the students sing and sing until the final few seconds when they all let out the Rogers scream!!!! You can see it in the video above.