Technology Department

In the West Irondequoit Central School District, technology is leveraged as an effective tool to meet and exceed clearly defined instructional outcomes as well as to foster a productive learning environment.

  • Provide students with vetted and aligned technology tools and resources that support purposeful, equitable access to learning opportunities which:
    • facilitate student ownership, independence, and resilience
    • prepare safe, responsible, 21st-century citizens
    • address real-world problem-solving skills with innovation
    • promote creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking
  • Provide faculty with the resources and training needed to support collaborative student-centered learning environments with high-quality instruction for every student.
  • Implement, maintain, and optimize the systems, processes and infrastructure that effectively and efficiently support and promote the goals and health of the district.
Dan FullertonDan Fullerton
K-12 Director of Technology
(585) 939-7384‬


Irondequoit Public Library has mobile hotspots available to lend out to families who need them.  Please see our Student Support and Frequently Asked Questions page for details.

Additionally, West Irondequoit Central School District has outside access available for students from building parking lots.  Areas with strong signal strength include the parking lot to the south of Rogers/Southlawn, Irondequoit High School's southwest (teacher) parking lot / loading dock area, Listwood School's north parking lot, and Iroquois Middle School's west entrance (teacher) parking lot near the 4th grade wing.

WiFi Access Map


Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll each year in the district's optional laptop protection program to mitigate the cost of potential accidental damage charges.  Plan details and a link to the online enrollment page are available here: WICSD Laptop Protection Plan 2021-22.


Similar to past years, the Technology Team will be busy with student, faculty and staff device preparation over the summer.  Thankfully, we implemented a number of systems throughout the past year that should help us avoid having to do a district-wide reimage in the future.  Instead, plans for this summer (and future years) focus on providing new laptops to students in grades 1, 5, and 9, which will follow the student throughout the device’s four-year anticipated life cycle.  Further, we are prioritizing touch-screen devices for students in our younger grades, where our instructional staff have highlighted the importance of that feature.

Where possible, we are providing students the opportunity to keep their laptops over the summer, giving them continued access to educational and enrichment materials (such as online books) throughout the summer months.

At our K-3 schools, schools will collect devices belonging to K-2 students at the end of June.  Third graders can keep their devices over the summer and take them to middle school in the fall.  Parents of third graders may, however, sign up to have their child leave their device at school over the summer through use of a Microsoft Form, as communicated by building principals in school - parent communications.  In the fall, first graders will receive new laptops, while kindergarten, second and third graders will receive redeployed touchscreen devices.

At our middle schools, in-person students in grades four and five will leave their devices in classrooms at the end of the school year, while sixth graders can keep their devices over the summer and bring them to Dake in the fall.  Similar to our K-3 schools, principals are communicating an option for parents of sixth graders to instead have their children leave their devices in the middle school library in June through use of a Microsoft Form, picking the devices up in the Dake library in the fall.  In the fall, our fourth graders will continue with their T-series laptops from third grade, fifth graders will receive new laptops, and sixth graders will enjoy the second year of service from their laptops.

At Dake, seventh graders will keep their laptops over the summer, bringing them back for use in the fall.  Exiting eighth graders will turn in their devices at the end of the school year, so that they can be reconditioned over the summer for deployment to kindergarten in the fall.  These students will receive new laptops when they arrive at IHS in the fall.

At IHS, ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders will keep their devices over the summer, bringing them back to school in the fall just like last year.  Graduating seniors will turn in their devices as they pick up caps and gowns.  These devices will be reconditioned over the summer and deployed to next year’s second graders.  In the fall, tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders will continue with their current devices, while ninth graders will receive new laptops at freshman orientation or during the first days of school.

From a faculty/staff perspective, we continue replacing our aging fleet of laptops and desktops with newer laptops featuring larger 14” touchscreens, 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSDs, and i5 processors.  These are coupled with USB-C monitor hubs in classrooms, allowing for dual monitor functionality, simple connections to external keyboards and mice, and integration with classroom projectors and digitizers.  These devices have already been deployed at our K-6 schools, with the Dake transition currently underway.  Continued replacement of older laptops and desktops is planned for the fourth quarter at IHS.  TA laptops will be collected during the last days of school in June so that they can be updated, patched, and are ready for deployment for summer programs (where needed) and the start of the 2021-22 school year.


IT support for technical issues is available through our help site at, or by emailing our Helpdesk:  The helpdesk is staffed from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Please provide as much detail as possible, including contact information.