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SBP Glossary of Terms

Many acronyms are used and may be referenced in your school's plan.

A list of terms is provided in this glossary to assist you.

AP: Advanced Placement

ACT: American College Testing Exam

AED/CPR:  Automated External Defibrillator Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Devices

AIS: Academic Intervention Service

BDA: Before, During, After

BOE: Board of Education

CAD: Computer Aided Drawing

CARE: Cooperate, Appreciate, Respect, Excel

CEEI: Claim, Evidence, Explanation, Interpretation

CMP: Connected Mathematics Program

CRQ: Constructed Response Question

DBQ: Document Based Question

DCC: District Curriculum Council

DPP: Daily Practice Problems

DSA: Developmental Spelling Assessment

ERA ELA: Extended Response Assessment in English Language Arts

EQ: Essential Questions

EOY: End of Year

ELA: English Language Arts

ELL or ESL: English Language Learners; English as a Second Language

FQR: Fact, Question, Reflection

Frayer Model: A visual organizer used to separate critical information from interesting information.

HM or H/M: Houghton Mifflin

IEP: Individualized Education Plan

KWL: Know - Want to Know - Learn

LOTE:  Languages Other Than English

L/W:  Listening/Writing

MST:  Math, Science & Technology

MTB:  Math Trailblazers

NHS: National Honor Society

NP of the NCE: National Percentile of the Normal Curve equivalent

NYSSMA: New York State School Music Association

PLAN: Planning for Writing

  • Plan the controlling idea and the claims you will make to support it.
  • Label the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion in your organizer.
  • Add specific details to explain and interpret your claims.
  • Number each part of the question and bullets to check your answer.

PLTW: Project Lead the Way

PPS: Pupil Personnel Services

PTSA: Parent Teacher Student Association

QAR: Question Answer Relationship

RAGS: Read Around Editing Groups

RBT: Research for Better Teaching

RRJ: Reading Response Journal

R/W: Reading/Writing

SAT: Scholastic Achievement Test (Irondequoit High School)

SAT: Stanford Achievement Test- (K-8)

SAVE legislation: Safe Schools Against Violence in Education legislation

SBP: School Based Planning

SBPT: School Based Planning Team

SOAR: Staff Opportunities Are Revitalizing

SPPT: Standards for Professional Practice in Teaching

TA: Teacher Assistant

TLC: Teaching Learning Center

TOSA: Teacher on Special Assignment

UNPACK: UNPACK the Question

  • Underline key words.  Use them in your topic sentence.
  • Number the parts of the question.
  • Plan how you will answer the question.
  • Answer using specific details from what you have read.
  • Check off each part of the question as you answer it.
  • Keep up the great work!

VADIR: Violence and Disruptive Incidence Reporting

WICSD: West Irondequoit Central School District

WITA: West Irondequoit Teachers' Association