Red Ribbon week begins October 25. Print out and sign the pledge below.

Red Ribbon Pledge and Coloring Sheet


 What is a Wellness Calendar?
October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Prevention is about giving young people the tools they need to connect with peers, cope with emotions, and occupy their free time in healthy ways. Prevention is grounded in developing healthy habits for life by creating a balance of physical, emotional, and social strategies for well-being. During the month of October, we encourage our students, staff, and community to strengthen their healthy lifestyle by trying new strategies or committing to using existing healthy strategies more consistently. This year we are highlighting these strategies and the ways they align with the 5 CASEL Core Competencies of Social-Emotional-Learning. Encouraging our students to strengthen their social-emotional skills provides the foundation for a healthy and drug-free future.

How should my family use the Wellness Calendar?

Your family is encouraged to use the Wellness Calendar as a resource to increase strategies and start conversations. The calendar is designed for all students K-12, their families, and all West Irondequoit staff. Below are a few ideas of how you can use the calendar with your family.

1. Follow the calendar as it is designed and allow a different family member to select 1 activity each week to try.
2. Pick an activity from each category and complete them at any time that works for your family.
3. Customize an activity for your family. For example, try the “I am” exercise from the “Self-Awareness” collection and take turns doing the exercise for each member of the family. Encourage all family members to add to each other’s collection.
4. Don’t be tied to just 1 month. Revisit these strategies throughout the year. Prevention isn’t just about 1 day or 1 month, it’s a lifestyle!

Activity Suggestions