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Annual Professional Performance Review

The District’s Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) generates annual scores for teachers and principals. While the scores of individual staff members are not open to the general public, pursuant to Education Law 3012-c the District will, upon written request, release the final quality ratings and composite effectiveness scores to parents or guardians for each of their child's teachers and principal who are subject to 3012-c.

Upon receipt of a written parental request, the principal will forward the request to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, who will arrange to meet with the parent/legal guardian regarding the sharing of scores. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources will take reasonable steps to verify the parental relationship, including, where appropriate, through photo identification and/or other means. If the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources cannot verify the parental relationship through reasonable means, information tied to individual APPR scores will not be released.

Final decisions regarding class placement are up to the principal; changes in teacher placement are extremely rare and are made on the basis of multiple considerations. APPR scores and/or parental requests alone generally do not result in a change in placement.

For additional information, contact:

Michelle Cramer
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
321 List Avenue
Rochester, NY 14617
Phone: 585-336-2995