Primary Physical Education Mission Statement

The Mission Statement

Every teacher’s goal is to inspire students to be independent thinkers! During Physical Education this goal along with the goals of the district, New York State and the National Standards for Physical Education are encompassed in your child’s curriculum for learning.

Each child is invited to experience the joy of movement through many different avenues in Physical Education class. It is our idea to foster and direct the high energy and natural delight in movement which is characteristic of children, with thought provoking movement problems. The children are encouraged to respond physically in a vast variety of ways, at their own level of ability and experience. They do so in individual, creative and thoughtful ways.

Below you will see a list of themes which we will be working with this year. These themes (only of which a few are listed) represent the basic knowledge and skill content relative to all games, gymnastics, sport and dance movements.

                                                  Themes of Instruction

Space Awareness Body Awareness Levels  Pathways  Balance
 Force  Directions  Ranges  Body Shapes  Rhythm
 Relationships  Flow  Cooperation Teamwork   Speed


In addition, fitness concepts and evaluation, locomotor and non-locomotor movements, perceptual motor skills, safety issues, folk and creative dance, cooperative and developmental games and basic  level gymnastics type activities are also taught.

As we move through the grades of 1st, 2nd and 3rd , the themes are re-visited but in a spiral, more complex manner each year. By second grade, movement is starting to develop more smoothly, effectively and efficiently. The greater strength and coordination which are developmental traits of the older children are incorporated into activities as well. Partner work is often present in second grade.

Third graders are even more highly challenged as they are called upon to apply movement principles to basic level games, gymnastics and dance activities. It is here that students are encouraged to put movements together in a smooth manner to create movement sequences. Third graders also become astute movement critics as they are asked to observe, critique and identify movement patterns and concepts in others. Partner, small group and large group formats are used in third grade as well as individual work.

Fortunately, we have all types of equipment available to us (balls, hoops, ropes, wands, scooters, wands, beanbags, mats, beams, climbing wall,  etc…) which is used extensively throughout the year.

Please know that as teachers and professionals we are dedicated to provide an atmosphere of learning which will serve to develop your child as an independent, creative thinker and lifetime mover!



Mrs. Ann Martin
Colebrook School
Briarwood School

Mr. Brian Maginn
Seneca  School
Brookview School

Mr. Kyle Trevas
Southlawn School
Listwood School

Mr. Aaron Bottazzo
Southlawn School