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Past Superintendent Updates


Oct. 27:  Several district-wide updates 

Sept. 28:  First update for the 2023-24 school year

June 21Final update for 2022-23 school year

March 30Updates on safety and security and more.

Feb. 3:  Updates on Strategic Plan, Administrative hires and Black History Month. 


Dec. 23: 
Holiday greetings. updates and more.

Nov. 4: Update on safety and security and more.

Sept. 29: School year is underway; Strategic Plan update, etc.

Sept. 2: Update on administrative changes

June 10: Update on happenings around our district

May 27: Update on Safety & Security across the district

May 2: Change in COVID positive reporting; Haudenosaunee Flag Raising

April 1: Celebrations, upcoming Town Hall on threat assessment, etc.

March 1Update on Wednesday's shift to optional masking

Feb. 27Letter regarding governor's masking announcement

Feb. 11: Update with results from Thoughtexchange on masking

Jan. 26Update on Tuesday court appeal on state mask mandate

Jan. 25: Update on masking remaining in place in our schools

Jan. 20: Information on Lightspeed Alert, electronic safety system

Jan. 14Update with more guidance/flowcharts from the MCDPH

Jan. 9New guidance from MCDPH on return from isolation/quarantine

Jan. 7: Update with details on a Remote Learning Plan, if necessary

Jan. 6: Update on key changes made today by Monroe County

Jan. 5: Update on potential of district to shift to remote learning

Jan. 4Reminders on test kits, return to school guidance & more