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Pre-referral Process

The PST or Problem Solving Team provides a school-based mechanism to enable school personnel to meet the needs of individual children within the building who require review or problem-solving to ensure success.

The PST Team is child-centered and facilitates a process that may result in the implementation of accommodations, services and interventions that will enable the student to be successful in school. The options to be considered exist along a wide continuum of support ranging from minor accommodations in the classroom to more intensive interventions.

Each school in West Irondequoit has a PST or Problem Solving Team that meets regularly to problem solve, monitor and adjust support plans for student success. The team consists of the principal, and a variety of team members. Teachers or administrators may refer a child. Parents who have concerns regarding their child can talk to their child’s teacher or school counselor to discuss whether a referral to PPS is warranted.

There are several possible outcomes of a PST Team referral from minor accommodations in the classroom to more intensive interventions. When, and only when, all other options have been exhausted, the student might be referred to the Committee on Special Education for possible participation in a special education program to meet their individual needs. Sometimes the team may recommend that further diagnostic testing, counseling or medical evaluation be completed. The goal of the PST Team is to look carefully at a student’s learning profile and to provide an educational program that will be successful and promote the student success so they can reach their highest potential.