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Special Education Programs

West Irondequoit provides a continuum of special education programs and services to meet the differing needs of our students with disabilities. West Irondequoit staff continually work to create the best options to meet the needs of individual students receiving special education.  We are committed to educating our students in the least restrictive environment, which means to the greatest extent possible when feasible our students with disabilities will be educated with their non-disabled peers.

Programs and services in West Irondequoit include:

·        Related Services

·        Consult Teacher Services

·        Resource Room

·        Integrated Co-Taught Classes

·        Special Classes

·        Out of District Placement

·        Home/Hospital Tutoring

·        Declassification Support Services

 For more information on about our district’s special education programs, contact the Student Services Office at (585) 336-3175.