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New Student Registration

Before you begin the online registration process at the bottom of the page, please gather the documents listed below and scan them to your computer so you can upload them during the registration process. Scanning tips are located below the document list. When registering, please be sure to select the appropriate school year.

  1. Proof of Residency: Commissioner’s Regulation § 100.2(y) requires that individuals requesting enrollment prove that they are residents of the District. You will need to provide forms of documentation listed in the list below to show current residency within District boundaries. All documents must show the date, parent/guardian name and local address. 
    • Provide one of the following:
      • a copy of residential lease or proof of ownership of a house or condominium; or
      • a sworn statement by a landlord, owner or tenant from whom the parent leases or with whom the parent shares property within the district; or
      • current West Irondequoit School tax bill
    • AND Provide two of the follwoing:
      • Utility bill (RG&E, Greenlight, water, refuse, etc.)
      • Bank statement or payroll stub
      • Valid NYS driver's license with West Irondequoit address printed on the front
  2. Proof of Age: Your child’s birth certificate, passport or baptismal record.
  3. Custody Documents:
    • If the student is living with both parents, no further action is required.
    • If the student is living with one parent or legal guardian, please provide the custody paperwork.
  1. Health Examination Forms and Immunization Records: New York State law requires a health examination (physical) for all students entering the school district for the first time and when entering kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh grade.
    • The examination must be completed by a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
    • A copy of the health examination (physical) must be dated within the last year and be provided to the school within 30 days of the date your child begins school. Your child's up-to-date immunization records must be provided within 14 days from the date your child begins school.
    • If you need to download a Health Examination Form, click here.
  1. Confidential Student Health Information Update
  1. Disclosure of Protected Health Information
  1. Authorization to Release Information
  2. Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Tips for scanning and signing the required documents:

  • How to apply signature in Adobe Reader DC – click here
  • Scanning Documents using your Android or Apple device – click here
  • Signing PDF Documents from your phone or tablet – click here
  • When saving a PDF document, the "save" and "save as" feature do not work all the time. Please select "print" and then "print/save as PDF" to save the document.

Confirmation of your student registration:

  • After completing the electronic registration process and submitting your scanned documents, you will receive an email from the On-Line Registration system confirming that your registration has been received.
  • A second email will come from the Registrar once your registration has been reviewed. That email will:

o Advise you of any additional requirements
o OR advise you that your student is registered
Your registration is not complete until the registration and all documentation has been approved by the District Registrar.

For questions about residency or other registration requirements, please e-mail or call the Registrar:
Phone: 585-336-6743

If you HAVE a Campus Parent Portal account, click the icon below, then click More, then Online Registration.

Parent Student portal

Additional instructions here

If you do NOT have a Campus Parent Portal account, click the icon below to register online.

Online Registration

Additional instructions here