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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum will be created and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure all programs of study are the highest possible quality, culturally responsive and promote college, career and civic readiness. For more information, click here

"The more you teach without finding out who understands the concepts and who doesn’t, the greater the likelihood that only already-proficient students will succeed." Grant Wiggins, 2006

Assessment Information

In West Irondequoit, we believe that assessment for learning is a critical component within a teacher’s instructional cycle.  Teachers collect daily information, both informal and formal to measure student progress and to inform planning and differentiation, so that they are best able to support students in reaching learning goals.

Across each classroom in West Irondequoit, assessments are developed to evaluate reading, writing, thinking and problem solving, linked directly to teaching practice.  We pride ourselves on our comprehensive assessment packages, developed along with our local curriculum, by our teachers.

NYS Assessments provide one small component of our assessment package.  3-8 Assessments measure students’ progress on the NYS Learning Standards, and significant shifts over the last 2 years have strengthened them.  Teacher evaluations are no longer linked to Grade 3-8 Mathematics or ELA assessments, nor are “local assessments” mandated to fulfill APPR requirements.  Data from these assessments is used, in conjunction with other data sets, to measure the viability and fidelity of our curriculum across our six elementary buildings, our two middle schools and our junior high school. 

Test refusal of 3-8 Assessments is a parent/family choice.  NYS Graduation requirements (Regents Exams) cannot be refused.  If more than 5% of students refuse to take NYS 3-8 assessments, this refusal could result in a loss of federal funds to local districts.  We encourage you to talk to your child’s classroom teacher, your building principal, or the Directors of Instruction to gather more information.  

Listed below are documents to inform your decision:  

Student Evaluation, Promotion and Placement (Policy #7210 may be viewed on the BoardDocs Policies tab)

NYS Diploma Requirements

NYS Elementary and Intermediate Testing Schedules