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Syllabus Introduction

AP Music Theory
Irondequoit High School

Mrs. Graham
Office phone with voice mail: (585) 336-0779
School email  
Office hours by appointment

Class meetings
Choir room (#1142) & Music/Art Computer Lab (#1143)
6th period

Requirements and Expectations

  1. Attendance at all classes
  2. Participation in class discussions
  3. Preparation for all classes with daily homework and materials


  1. Required texts: Spencer, Peter: Practice of Harmony, The (provided: check out from library), Editions:  7th or 6th & Clendinning & Marvin: Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis, The  – text, anthology and workbook (text provided:  check out from library, anthology and workbook stay in the choir room)
  2. Music notebook (staff paper) and loose leaf staff paper
  3. Pencils
  4. Three-ring binder or folder with sections specifically and exclusively for theory materials

20%    Academic Behavior Tasks, i.e. homework completion, participation in discussions, timeliness of work completion
80%    Assessment of learning tasks
            Tests and Quizzes
            Graded homework

Course outcomes and outline
The outline for the year is designed to help you achieve the outcomes for the class.  Each topic listed is added to the previous material, building new skills upon ones already learned.  Any information already covered can be tested in the weekly quizzes through written questions, sight singing, listening questions and dictation.

Final Exam
The AP Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 12:00 pm.

College Board Web site
Access for information on test dates, course descriptions and sample exam questions.