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3rd Grade Instrument Night


Welcome 3rd grade parents/guardians! 

We are so happy to provide you with the context for a new exciting opportunity in your child's musical journey.  This is a carefully thought-out process, designed to help your child become comfortable with the steps ahead. 

Currently Your 3rd graders:

  • LOVE singing by themselves everywhere they go! Thank you to Mr. DenBleyker and Mr. Line! 

  • Have just finished their 3rd year of singing together as a grade-level group within their small school for the Winter Singalong and will soon be preparing for Flag Day in the spring. 

  • Are learning about the different families: Brass, Percussion, Strings and Woodwinds and how each member of that family produces sound. 

  • Students from all six of our K-3 schools are getting their first chance to hear a professional ensemble with all instrument families in February and March as they travel with their classmates to hear the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra - a full orchestra.  This orchestra includes instruments found in both band and string orchestra ensembles at West Irondequoit. 

  • May be more aware through family and friends of our ensemble program grades 4-6 that consists of Chorus, Band and String Orchestra (not guitar, keyboard or harp) and will begin to form opinions on where their personal interests lie.  This is a time of curiosity, and often changing choices for many different reasons. 

During the Third Grade Instrumental Information meeting you will: 

  • Hear brief performances by our advanced level performing ensembles.

  • Listen to a few words from student performers about what it’s like to start in 4th grade and still be a performing musician in high school. 

  • Know who your K-6 Music staff are and the roles they play within our department. You will have the chance to meet our 4-6 instrumental teachers and better understand the process used to match your child with an instrument. 

At the beginning of 4th Grade:

  • They will review the instrument choices in their general music class and receive information from us outlining the process.

  • They will select their top 3 choices of instruments and get to try playing them under our guidance. 

  • A letter will be sent home with the final instrument selection. This decision is based upon many factors including: student preference, initial signs of aptitude for each instrument, and instrumentation needs for balanced ensembles. Our goal is to ensure your child has a SUCCESSFUL, high quality, and positive experience in the instrumental music program  

  • Additional information will be provided at a parent meeting in September, the date of which will be sent out at the start of the year by us. 

  • Once they have started instrumental music in 4th grade, they will receive small group instruction where they will go much deeper into music literacy (reading music) and learn techniques unique to their instrument. 

  • Begin rehearsing as an ensemble in January :  4th Grade Band and Orchestra!