Dake 8th-grader earns RPD award

Dake 8th-grader earns RPD's 'Do The Right Thing' award
Posted on 12/10/2020
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Alyssa Yanosh, an eighth-grader at Dake Junior High School, received a “Do The Right Thing” award on Thursday from the Rochester Police Department. She and another West Irondequoit student, fourth-grader Carmello Paulino, were among those children honored in a virtual presentation. You can watch via this link: facebook.com/DTRTROC

Nominated by her mother, Meredith Yanosh, Alyssa was honored for using quick thinking and poise after her little brother, Joey, suffered a severe leg injury last June. “It didn’t seem that bad,” she said, “at first.”

But it was.

While playing at their aunt’s house in Irondequoit, Joey, jumped out of a tree and landed on a fence post, slicing his inner thigh. “He just asked for help so I helped him. It wasn’t like I was not going to help,” Alyssa said.

Within a minute of his leap, she had carried him inside the house. That’s when they realized the severity of the laceration, a deep wound that would take 20 stitches to close later at Rochester General Hospital. Her aunt called her parents, Meredith and Dan, who has just left to pick up some groceries. They rushed back.

Joey, a sixth-grader now at Bishop Kearney, would get his stitches out in a couple of weeks. According to a release from RPD, he just missed severing a major artery. Had Alyssa not acted as quickly as she did, the injury could have been much worse. Congrats, Alyssa!