Buffalo Business First - School Rankings 2018

June 2018
Buffalo Business First has released their school rankings for the 162 elementary schools in the Rochester area. Note that two WICSD schools are in the top 10. 
      2. Briarwood School
      7. Listwood School
     11. Iroquois Middle School
     17. Colebrook School
18. Rogers Middle School
21. Southlawn School
51. Seneca School
77. Brookview School 

The school rankings for 97 middle school/junior high schools in the Rochester area have been released.

       6. Dake 

The school rankings for 86 high schools in the Rochester area have been released.  

     10. Irondequoit High School

The district rankings for 67 districts in our area have been released.

     7. West Irondequoit CSD

Business First's academic and subject ratings are based on the latest four years of test scores and graduation rates available from the New York State Education Department. The 2018 rankings have been generated from data for the period of 2014 through 2017. 

The paper also recognized schools and districts as five-star institutions based on academic achievement. Forty-five schools and nine districts were recognized in our eight county area. There is no rank given. 

West Irondequoit CSD was one of nine districts named a five-star district (out of 67)

7 of our schools were among the 45 schools named five-star schools (Briarwood, Colebrook, Listwood, Iroquois, Rogers, Dake and IHS)

You can read the full articles here: https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/feature/schools-guide/2018/ 
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