Wind Turbine

August 16, 2011

The wind turbine in these pictures was installed through the generosity of a grant awarded by the West Irondequoit Foundation to be utilized as a continuous learning device for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes. It is located on central campus to the north of the concession stand, near the solar panel-operated pathway light that was recently installed by the IHS Alternative Energy Club in our outdoor alternative energy "classroom" area.


The wind turbine will be utilized for educational demonstrations for students throughout the district. Students will be exposed to authentic hands-on calculations on system operations, environmental impacts and energy savings.

The turbine provides a multitude of learning opportunities for all students in the district and community. Students across the district will have the opportunity to visit and collect data for their classroom studies.


WindTamer turbines use a patented diffuser system that creates two vacuums, which pull the wind through the blades. The wind pushes the blades to start rotating. The patented diffuser system augments the wind by creating two vacuums—one behind the blades and another behind the turbine—which pull the wind through the blades. The WindTamer turbines use a higher number of shorter, lighter blades, enabling them to operate in a wide range of wind speeds.