West Irondequoit Odyssey Team Members are World Champions!

June 3, 2008

Once again, the IHS DinoStories team has earned the world championship at the World Finals held in Baltimore Maryland! Team members Allison Lenzi, Keith Bull, Laura Kieliszak, Sara D'Ambrosio, Matt Hoderlein, Lindsay Taylor, Micah Wightman competed against 31 teams from places as far way as Russia and Poland, bringing home first prize. Veterans to Odyssey of the Mind, this team also took first place at the World Competition in 2005. 


See scores from around the world: http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/


West Irondequoit Odyssey Team Headed to the World Finals!

March 31, 2008

Four teams representing West Irondequoit competed in the New York State Odyssey Competition at SUNY Binghamton on Saturday, March 29, and each team gave an outstanding performance. The results are:

  • The Wonderful Muses (Rogers) finished in 3rd place.

  • The Wonderful Muses team (IHS) finished in 6th place.

  • The Eccentrics team (IHS) finished in 3rd place in a very close contest.

  • The Dinostories team (IHS) finished in 2nd place, which qualifies them to advance to the World Finals for their 3rd time in the past four years! Team members are: Allison Lenzi, Keith Bull, Laura Kieliszak, Sara D'Ambrosio, Matt Hoderlein, Lindsay Taylor, Micah Wightman        Coaches are: Pat Lenzi, Ray Kieliszak, Phil Wightman

The World Finals will be held at the University of Maryland, in Baltimore, Maryland from May 31 through June 3.


IHS senior Kristen Bell received a $500 New York State Odyssey of the Mind Scholarship at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening. Kristen was one of three New York State scholarship recipients. Applicants were judged on their participation in Odyssey of the Mind and were asked to write an essay on the topic, "What does Odyssey of the Mind mean to me?" 



West Irondequoit Students Participate in  Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition
March 5, 2008

Twenty-one teams from West Irondequoit participated in the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition in Webster on Saturday, March 1.  Four of those teams qualified to compete in the New York State Competition to be held at SUNY Binghamton on March 29. The winning teams and their members are:


From Irondequoit High School:

Problem # 5

"The Eccentrics!" 1st place

Kristin Bell

Ashley Bleier

Joanna Bryan

Jordan Kenney

Emma Yingling

Coaches: John Bell, Joe Kenney, Ray Yingling


Problem # 2

"DinoStories" 1st place

Allison Lenzi

Keith Bull

Laura Kieliszak

Sara D'Ambrosio

Matt Hoderlein

Lindsay Taylor

Micah Wightman

Coaches: Pat Lenzi, Ray Kieliszak, Phil Wightman


Problem #3

"The Wonderful Muses" 2nd place

Laura Dolan

Allison Lenzi

Keith Bull

Laura Kieliszak

Sara D'Ambrosio

Matt Hoderlein

Lindsay Taylor

Coaches: Pat Lenzi, Jim Dolan

This team qualified for states by taking second place, but winning a lottery spot. Yes, some of the students worked on two problems!


From Rogers Middle School:

Problem #3

"The Wonderful Muses" 1st place

Jennifer Dinolfo

Christina Horton

Hannah Magin

Meghan O'Brien

Solana Tellado

Meghan Vadala

Clara Wagner

Coaches: Cheryl Dinolfo, Paul Horton


Founded in 1978, Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition. Students form teams of up to seven members in the fall and select a "problem" to solve from a list offered by the organization. Some solutions are technical in nature, others involve a performance, many require a bit of both. The students create the solutions on their own, learning cooperation, problem-solving skills and building confidence. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box.


The first round of competition is at the Regional level, winners move on to a state competition and possibly the World Finals, to be held this year in from May 31-June 3 in College Park, Maryland. The West Irondequoit students who will be competing in the State Competition are veterans, having earned spots at this level in previous years. The competition includes a presentation of the solution to the team's chosen problem and a spontaneous round.


Sue Connolly and Amy Herbert coordinate West Irondequoit Odyssey of the Mind activities.  


Additional information can be found on these Web pages:

Region 14 Odyssey of the Mind- Tournament results: http://www.grrootma.org/

NYS Odyssey of the Mind - State tournament information: http://www.nysoma.org/

National Odyssey of the Mind: http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/