Man's Impact on His Environment 
Acid Rain
Acid Rain- Adirondacks
Asbestos Hazards
Bald Eagle
Brockport's Toxic Dilemma
Coral Reefs
Dead Zones
Drilling for Oil in Great Lakes
Eco-Friendly Industries
Florida Everglades
Global Warming
Great Lakes Water for Sale
Japanese Carp
Loss of Topsoil
Mountain Gorillas
Oil Pipelines in Alaska
Oil Spills
Ozone Layer
PCB's in the Hudson River
Purple Loosestrife
Raw Sewage
Rainforest Destruction
Recreational ATVs
Spill in Charlotte
State of the Finger Lakes

Threatened Species

Thermal Pollution
Water Pollution
West Nile Virus 
Zebra Mussels

Acid Rain

Acid Rain: A Student's First Sourcebook- describes what acid rain is and its effects on water, materials, and people.

Environmental Effects of Acid Rain- clear explanation with illustrations of acid rain and its effects on our environment.

Acid Rain- site with many local news features as well as global web links.

Acid Rain in the Adirondacks

Acid Rain: A Student's First Sourcebook- describes what acid rain is and its effects on water, materials, and people.

Adirondack Lakes Survey Corporation- Overview- described the current status in the Adirondacks and the method of monitoring the problem.

Acid Rain- site with many local news features as well as global web links.

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus: Questions and Answers- information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

West Nile Virus- U.S. Geological Survey's links related to the West Nile Virus

The New York City Department of Health West Nile Virus Information- list of links on the West Nile Virus.

Florida Everglades

Florida Everglades FAQ - Natural Resources Defense Council's look at the everglades as an ecosystem and its environmental threats.

Exploring the Environment: Florida Everglades - overview of the everglades including links to species and management.

The South Florida Everglades Restoration Project - introduction to the everglades, background on the issues, agriculture, effects of past water management controls, water management issues, restoration, and political complications.

The Everglades Ecosystem - covers Everglades 101, Threats and Restoration Efforts, Everglades Habitats,  Fire Management,
Endangered Species,  Research, Animal Profiles,  Species Checklists, and History.

Rescuing an Endangered Ecosystem- The Journey to Restore the Everglades -  discuses the plan and why it is important to the environment.

Thinning of the Ozone Layer

Ozone Layer Thinning - concise look at the ozone layer and its importance.

AIRNOW Publications- EPA publications including Ozone and Your Health, Air Quality Guide for Ozone, and Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby.

Global Warming

EPA'S Global Warming Site- covers climate, emissions, impacts, and actions.

NRDC: Global Warming - in brief, in depth, and related links by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The Effects of Global Warming - A Time magazine feature which includes an interactive house that shows simple ways you can help combat global warming.

What's Up with the Weather? - NOVA & Frontline examine the causes of global warming and what can be done to prevent it.

Global Warming: Focus on the Future -  in-depth analysis of the causes and effects of global warming.

Oil Spills

Oil Spill Basics- yearly spillage, why it happens, what to do, prevention measures, environmental impact, etc.

Spilled Oil in the Sea- discussion of oil and effects on marine environment; be sure to check out the links at end of the site.

What's the Story on Oil Spills- puts the problem in perspective.

Oil Spill Program- provides information about the EPA's program for preventing, preparing for, and responding to oil spills that occur in and around inland waters of the United States.

Deforestation of the Tropical Forests

Tropical Deforestation - explores Why Deforestation Happens, The Rate of Deforestation, Deforestation and Global Processes, and After Deforestation.

Deforestation: Tropical Forests in Decline - CIDA Forestry Advisers Network examines the extent of tropical deforestation in developing countries, its causes and consequences, and the prospects for more sustainable land use alternatives.

A Student Guide To Tropical Forest Conservation - overview which explorer the types and value of Tropical Forests.

The future of tropical forests - discusses the impacts of deforestation and the direct causes and the underlying causes.

Rainforest Destruction

Rainforests: Lings of the Planet - click on the various headings for information supplied by the Rainforest Action Network.

Causes of Rainforest Destruction - discusses immediate and underlying cause of the Rainforest Destruction.

Rainforest Destruction - many topics and links for you to explore.

Coral Reefs

About Coral Reefs- info on coral reefs, problems, and solutions by the EPA; be sure to check out the recommended links for further information.

ACTION ATLAS: Coral Reefs- learn what is happening to the planet's coral reefs, the foundation of marine life, and how you can help save them; be sure to click subjects listed to the left.

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)- be sure to check out Reefs in Danger.

Coral Reefs- info with links from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).


General Pesticide Information - provides objective, science based information about a wide variety of pesticide related subjects.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides: Publications - contains Alternatives Fact sheets, Special Reports, Articles on Pesticide Topics, Pesticide Fact Sheets.

The Costs and Benefits of Industrial Agriculture - benefits and costs from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Water Pollution

WATER POLLUTION AND SOCIETY - paper from the University of Michigan which covers the causes and treatments.

Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage and Water Treatment Sludge- info by the Environmental Toxicology Department
University of California.

Current Drinking Water Standards- EPA lists contaminants, potential health hazards, and sources.

Drinking Water and Health: What You Need to Know- facts by EPA.

Urban Stormwater Pollution -- Fact and Fiction - Natural Resources Defense Council dispels myths and gives facts about urban stormwater pollution issues.

Mountain Gorillas

Caught in the Crossfire- article from Environmental Magazine how the war in Rwanda is affecting this endangered species.

Endangered In the Wild: Gorillas, Mountain- looks at causes and responses to endangerment from 1900-present.

Mountain Gorilla- be sure to check out the section on Current Conditions.

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund- background, facts, chronology.

Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussel Research Project: Zebra Mussel Information System - compiled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; double-click on content chapters to the left for full information and visuals.

Zebra Mussels in North America- covers the invasion; biological and ecological concerns; industrial, commercial, and recreational concerns; zebra mussel control; and spread to inland waters.

Zebra Mussels Cause Economic and Ecological Problems in the Great Lakes - factsheet by the USGS Great Lakes Science Center.

Zebra Mussels in the News- news stories from

Zebra Mussels Threaten Inland Waters- history, reasons, and prevention strategies.

Despite Regulations, Invasive Species Enter Great Lakes

Loss of Topsoil

Soil Erosion: Causes and Effects- fact sheet put out by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Population and Land Degradation- report  by the Population Information Network of the United Nations.


The Consumer's Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste - put out by the EPA, this site looks like it's for kids but is packed with information, charts, and statistics; be sure to click on all the links and hypertext.

Garbage: How can my Community Reduce Waste?- introduction to the problem, with global effects and the future.


Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle Information - general description and history along with causes of death.

American Bald Eagle - basic information along with recovery facts.

Bald Eagle - information provided by the American Museum of Natural History.

DDT- introduction to DDT including Exposure Pathways and Health Effects.

Desertification of the Grasslands

Global Climate: Desertification- description form The World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The Environment - A Global Challenge: Desertification- general description with links.

Earth on Edge: Grasslands Ecosystems - PBS looks at problems in Mongolia

Recreational ATVs in the Desert

A Sierra Club Handbook For Regulating ORVs- talks about the resources lost by ATV use.

Taken For A Ride: How Off-Road Vehicles Damage the Nation's Wildest Lands - a report from the National Off-Road Vehicle Coalition.

Bluewater Network: Off-Road Vehicle Fact Sheet - looks at impact to parklands.

Mohavi Desert: Environmental Issues- covers the environmental problems including ATV use; be sure to click on all the categories at the top of the page.

Ecology - Biomes - Deserts- description of biome including links to plants and animals.

Oil Pipelines in Alaska

Most of Arctic Affected by Human Activities by 2050 - explains how industrialization in Northern Wilderness will threaten wildlife, habitats, and indigenous peoples.

Oil Drilling in the Arctic - good explanation of the fragile nature of the arctic tundra.

Alaska's Cold Desert - explains the ongoing challenges of development in such a fragile environment.

Oil in America's Arctic Impacts of Oil Development on Alaska's North Slope - facts on the impact to Alaska.

USA: Alaska Oil Pipeline Disaster 'Imminent'- article expressing the views of senior employees of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. picture with a short history.

For information on the Tundra Biome see Biome Sites for AP Biology.

Chernobyl - homepage for Chernobyl radiation disaster information.

Frontline: Chernobyl - explains the causes of the accident.

Chernobyl: The Accident and Progress Since 1986- details of the accident with related links.

Chernobyl: Ten Years Later- Time magazine timeline of events with article links.

For information on the Tundra Biome see Biome Sites for AP Biology.

Thermal Pollution

Background Information - causes and effects of  thermal pollution.

Conservation of Resources

Conservation and Renewable and NonRenewable Resources - from Encyclopedia Britannica Britannica.  (See librarian for PASSWORD)

Conservation & the Environment Websites- listing of conservation efforts with links.

Conservation International- describes international projects to conserve the environment.

Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species

The Endangered Species Act - A Primer - key definitions, with a good introduction.

Endangered Species - explains why and how it works along with a Spotlight on Species.

Food: a Renewable Resource

Feeding a Future World - chapter from the book  Population and the Environment: The Global Challenge.

Biotechnology and the World Food Supply- talks about the problem and possible solutions.

Climate change and world food supply- offers various scenarios on the world food outlook.

CONSTRAINTS ON THE EXPANSION OF THE GLOBAL FOOD SUPPLY- paper form The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

PCB's in the Hudson

The Debate Over Dredging the Husdon River- both sides of the Hudson River dredging argument.

Hudson River PCBs- EPA Superfund report.

The Hudson River PCB Story- describes human effects, and the dredging process.

Brockport's Toxic Dilemma

D&C Articles

Residents Environmentally Active for Change- history of the Brockport dilemma with recent developments.

Great Lakes Water for Sale

Sustainable Use of Great Lakes Water:  The Diversion Threat's Silver-Lining?- policy analyst explains the implications.

Environmental groups urge tighter Great Lakes water regulation- from the Detroit Free Press.

Drilling for Oil in Great Lakes

Drilling for Oil and Natural Gas Under Great Lakes Waters- includes a Statement of Principle Against Oil Drilling in the Great Lakes signed by governors.

Few favor Great Lakes oil drilling- public opinion study.

State of the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes- DEC reports on water quality.

From Search
Canandaigua Lake
Cayuga Lake
Conesus Lake
Honeoye Lake
Keuka Lake
Seneca Lake

Raw Sewage

Sanitary Sewer Overflows- graph of causes and listing of possible consequences.


In-Home Pesticide Exposure Increases Parkinson's Risk

Asbestos Hazards: Are we safe?

Monitoring Asbestos in the Environment- see the side for additional links.

Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos- general overview.

Asbestos Exposure- see side panel for additional medical links.

Japanese (Asian) Carp have invaded Lake Ontario:  Fisherman's Dream of Nightmare?

Big alien fish closing in on Lake Ontario?

Exotic Species- Asian Carp

Big Carp Threaten Lakes

Despite Regulations, Invasive Species Enter Great Lakes

Purple Loosetrife: Alien Creature: Friend or Foe?

Invasive Species- scroll down to Resources for Invasive Species.

Purple Loosestrife: what you should know, what you can do

Purple Loosestrife ID Card

Purple Loosestrife InfoCentre

Purple Loosestrife at Montezuma

Spill in Charlotte: Is it safe to live or swim there yet?

CSX Release Information Fact Sheet
Overview of the chemical spill from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

CSX Train Accident
The Democrat and Chronicle - through a Freedom of Information Act request - obtained 330 pages of documents detailing correspondence between the city and CSX, company lawyers and cleanup contractor, Department of Environmental Conservation and Monroe County Health Department.

CSX has yet to commit to paying for Genesee River cleanup caused by its chemical spill, placing important lakefront development plan in jeopardy.  Use the link under March 31, 2003.

City Prods CSX to Clean Up
News article from March, 2002.

Eco-Friendly Industries

EnergyPulse - Insight Analysis and Commentary on the Global Power Industry
A proponent details the benefits of nuclear energy.

Smart Communities Network: Sustainable Business Introduction
Policy paper describes the benefits of "corporate environmentalism."

Full Accounting: Where Industry Meets Ecology
Great overview of the new tread toward "industrial ecology."

Industrial Ecology: An Environmental Agenda for Industry
Position paper.

Corporate Environmentalism as Industrial Ecology
Graduate student paper presents an overview of the steps the Ford Motor company has taken over the years to produce a more ecological vehicle.

Greenwash: The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism
Another view of corporate environmental practices from the "green" side.

ILSR Home Page
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Site has extensive related links.

Thor-Lube Environmentally-Friendly Stern Tube Bearing System
Efforts by this maritime corporation to protect the marine environment are described through linked Web pages.

Dead Zones

Ocean 'dead-zone' alert- from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Origin, Impact, and Implications of the "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico- USGCRP Seminar

What is the dead zone?- background information on the dead zone.

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